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Providing Healthy Choices of Eating to Our Community

I have always had a love for cooking and enjoyed preparing foods for family functions and events. It did not take long to notice family members and friends suffering through many health aliments due to poor dieting, I decided to research different foods, herbs and spices that can be used and prepared in a natural way to heal the human body. Thus came the idea of preparing healthy and flavorful options for people to enjoy. This was the beginning of Chef's of the Streets. As a self-made conscious chef who uses nature's herbs & spices to revitalize and nourish the human body; I hope to bring awareness to the importance of maintaining a healthier eating lifestyle with a soulful experience.
David's Bio
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Hello, I'm Shamara a mother of 4 and a native of Maryland. I have always been fond of cooking. I used to enjoy being in the kitchen watching and helping my grandmother and godmother prepare dinner. Being their taste tester enhance my learning experience and till this day I still enjoy cooking, and have passed my role as the taste tester down to my own children. I find great satisfaction in seeing the surprised look on someone's face once they taste our food!

I remember having cook- offs with my older brothers who enjoy cooking just as much as I do. It was no problem crushing them in the kitchen; back then I could never understand why they thought they could beat me, but hey, who am I to crush anyone's dreams. For many years I've been told I should open a restaurant or sell dinner plates. My brother David, who is phenomenal with the vegetarian and vegan dishes, further inspired my dreams. One day he came to me and said, "sis you're intelligent, awesome, beyond fabulous, brilliant, magnificent, beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, extravaga-" well, actually he said "sis, lets start our own business" but when he said that I heard all those other words as well.

Now that my children are grown and starting towards their journey in life I can now continue on with mine. So here I am one of the co-founders of Chef's of the Streets... A self-made chef.

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